My name is Birgit, Yoga teacher since 1999 and Mother of a son since 2010. I am teaching Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga for Pregnant, Babies and Children. Yoga is part of my live and I love to inspire you to develop your own Yoga practice. Yoga widens your mind and strengthens your body. It is a way to find your center. Looking forward seeing you in my classes! Namaste!... :)


The period of pregnancy is something special for the expectant mother and your child. Pregnancy is thrilling, exciting, breathtaking, and beautiful, but a baby's birth is also an adjustment. The changes in the body, the mind, and the emotional world represent challenges to the expectant mother. For these reasons and much more, many pregnant women choose to begin Yoga.

The vitality and energy level of the future mom and your baby will be lifted. Yoga for pregnant women is for expectant mothers, and is suitable for beginners or for those who are already practicing yoginis who want to increase their well-being and that of their babies. The connection to the child is strengthened lovingly. The experience of pregnancy until delivery is physically and emotionally supported.

Breathing, stretching, and relaxation are important techniques learned through Yoga. Body and soul are strengthened, which can also facilitate the birth. Pregnancy symptoms can be alleviated or prevented by regular practice. Thus, the future mother enjoys her pregnancy perfectly!

From the 13th week of pregnancy it is recommended to attend Yoga for pregnant women. Some pregnant yogini exercise with pleasure and passion right up to the time of birth.

Advice for pregnant yoginis (without medical examination, at their own guarantee):

♥   Always have something to drink and eat available in the go pack.

♥   Acupuncture late in pregnancy makes birth easier and alleviates pain of birth.

♥   Goji berries stimulate hematopoiesis; make tea from it or just nibble.

♥   Salivation - drink plenty of water, magnesium, and to fall asleep Emser Lutschpastillen

♥   For bad taste in mouth and stomach acid, take soy, rice milk, carrots and kohlrabi.

♥   For bad mood, take comfort that the other ladies are in the same condition.

♥   For heartburn, use better acidified milk products such as yogurt or buttermilk instead of milk.

♥   Take generally low-fat, low-sugar meals.

♥   Try to get a quiet relaxing holiday!

Neither pregnancy nor lactation is just pure, unadulterated joy. Don't let other moms fool you! With this knowledge, you can use the good moments and the challenges better!


Yoga specifically for new moms!

Reversion to your "own body" is promoted, and the relationship with your baby is strengthened.

Mama Baby Yoga is suitable for your newborn and mothers who want the following:

♥   who want to get strong in a group of new mothers

♥   want to know their bodies to find new strength

♥   want renewed patience and perseverance for quality time with the new baby making stronger emotional and spiritual experiences.

Yoga provides new mothers positive feelings as well as a lot of physical strength and power of the heart.

With special emphasis on the pelvic floor and core muscles (even after a cesarean section), the re-formation and strengthening of muscles is promoted. Especially with a new baby, the new mother is faced with many new challenges. Through special postures and breathing exercises, the young mother regains strength and finds relaxation, to cope with the new situation. The bond to the baby is playful, and massage and mantras are promoted.

Once mom and baby are fit, the course can be started. Lochia should be completed, and medical consultation before the first visit is recommended.

Tips from yoginis for motherhood without medical examination, no guarantee):

♥   Replenish the diaper bag when you come home to be always prepared.

♥   When your baby naps, take a nap yourself.

♥   Make up a sleep ritual, but let the baby fall asleep independently.

♥   Drink daily a cup of chicken soup (simmered for at least 6 hours) , gives strength the first weeks.

♥   Visualize the "calm in the eye of the storm."

♥   Remind yourself: It's just a phase!

♥   Organize someone to help for the first few weeks at home or to act as a babysitter. Extend this help to a few months as needed!


Suitable for mobile babies and their parents.
For all mothers and fathers who after the intensive period after birth would like to practice Yoga together with your baby.

The time of recovery of Mammy has now passed, and it is increasingly important to take care of your body and pay attention to their own well being because the baby is growing and thriving and calls the forces of mother and father in every way ...

Especially for the mother, it is advantageous, in your power to be able to care for your baby and yourself optimally. Yoga prevents sometimes posture and tension problems and works specifically on the core muscles. Even the special breathing techniques to give the body back the necessary life energy to regenerate despite the short nights and stress.

When the parents feel well, the baby will feel snug as a bug!

Mom and Dad also draw better quality of life with Yoga to show the little explorers the world. Physically, and on the other hand much more mentally and emotionally, life is able to come into balance.

Yoga provides active relaxation for mom and your crawling baby to find peace and energy.


Practice Yoga with your growing up baby. Mother, father, and children together can become immersed in the wonderful world of Yoga. The various asanas (Yoga postures) can be practiced together. These poses usually have names of animals and can be imitated in all forms. From sun salutations to the fantasy trip, a lot of physical and mind stimulating exercises are included.

The common experience of practicing Yoga is to encourage harmony at home and has a balancing effect.

Be relaxed in a playful way! One can see, meditation is quite easy!

The child discovers creativity and imagination through the world of Yoga.
Regular Yoga, concentration, and body awareness is proven to increase. Yoga brings strength and peace at the same time. So life gets equal yet different perspectives!
A special occasion for the whole family together - to - BE!
Quality time to spend together and to jointly OMMMMM ...

Suitable for children (ages 18 months and up to primary school age) and their parents, the young at heart ....


In reference to Ashtanga Yoga Basic, this is a dynamic form of Yoga. Suitable for everyone, especially for beginners and yoginis who want more physical intensity and seek new challenges. It's emphasis is on deep breathing, as well as general strengthening and stretching the muscles. This increases flexibility and stamina.

By Ujaji breathing, the inner fire is kindled, which expands the space to breathe and also provides a detoxifying function. On the spiritual level you develop a deeper concentration, a clear, calm mind, in the form of meditative movement. The selected positions (asanas) of the first series create body awareness.

This Yoga is practiced by a specific sequence, which includes Sun Salutations, standing, sitting, and closing exercises. At the same time, it is about the way to himself and the realization and acceptance of one's body. The increase in perception leads to a deeper self-awareness and relaxation. The chanting of mantras at the beginning and end stimulates the mind and the senses. The classes are designed creativly and individually to offer a wide range of variations. Furthermore the teacher refers to actual topics of the participants.

We offer an option to exercise while a babysitter takes care about your child.

Thus the power mothers and fathers also can fuel power times, trained supervisors during Yoga class with an educational force. The best thing is that parents are just around the corner!

What could be better for a child than mums and dads relaxed experience!